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2.7 Lisp Integration

You can save your object base of animals by entering:

(save-animals "my-animal-objs.lisp") 

into the Listener. In the file of rules "animal-rules.lisp" look at the function save-animals which does this. Note how the Lisp code directly uses the same objects as the rules. If we used the Lisp code to modify the slots of the objects the KnowledgeWorks rule interpreter would keep track.

Note: KnowledgeWorks CLOS objects are ordinary CLOS objects and can be used outside KnowledgeWorks rules.

2.7.1 The LispWorks IDE

The entire programming environment of the LispWorks IDE is available from the menus on the KnowledgeWorks Podium window. See the LispWorks IDE User Guide for more details.

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