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2.2 Loading the Tutorial

KnowledgeWorks Listener

First bring up a KnowledgeWorks Listener by choosing KnowledgeWorks > Listener from the KnowledgeWorks Podium. The KnowledgeWorks Listener accepts Lisp input as well as KnowledgeWorks input. Enter:

(in-package "KW-USER") 

into the KnowledgeWorks Listener, and then change the current directory to that of the animals demo by entering:

(cd (lispworks:example-file "kw/animal/"))

If this fails, check the value of the Lisp variable *lispworks-directory*.

Load the tutorial by typing:

(load "defsystem")

to load the tutorial system definition, and:

(compile-system "ANIMAL" :load t :target-directory (get-temp-file))

to compile and load the rules and object base (CLOS objects). In interpreting these two commands, the KnowledgeWorks Listener has behaved just like a Lisp Listener. In general, whenever input has no specific KnowledgeWorks interpretation, the KnowledgeWorks Listener just accepts it as Lisp.

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