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Function CHAR-INT


char-int character => integer

Arguments and Values:

character---a character.

integer---a non-negative integer.


Returns a non-negative integer encoding the character object. The manner in which the integer is computed is implementation-dependent. In contrast to sxhash, the result is not guaranteed to be independent of the particular Lisp image.

If character has no implementation-defined attributes, the results of char-int and char-code are the same.

 (char= c1 c2) ==  (= (char-int c1) (char-int c2))
for characters c1 and c2.


 (char-int #\A) =>  65       ; implementation A
 (char-int #\A) =>  577      ; implementation B
 (char-int #\A) =>  262145   ; implementation C

Affected By: None.

Exceptional Situations: None.

See Also:


Notes: None.

The following X3J13 cleanup issue, not part of the specification, applies to this section:

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