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alpha-char-p character => generalized-boolean

Arguments and Values:

character---a character.

generalized-boolean---a generalized boolean.


Returns true if character is an alphabetic[1] character; otherwise, returns false.


 (alpha-char-p #\a) =>  true
 (alpha-char-p #\5) =>  false
 (alpha-char-p #\Newline) =>  false
 ;; This next example presupposes an implementation
 ;; in which #\<ALPHA> is a defined character.
 (alpha-char-p #\<ALPHA>) =>  implementation-dependent

Affected By:

None. (In particular, the results of this predicate are independent of any special syntax which might have been enabled in the current readtable.)

Exceptional Situations:

Should signal an error of type type-error if character is not a character.

See Also:

alphanumericp, Section 13.1.10 (Documentation of Implementation-Defined Scripts)

Notes: None.

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