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2.8 Systems

Figure 2.11 KnowledgeWorks System Browser

If you are familiar with LispWorks system definitions, look at the system definition for the animal demo, by evaluating:

(example-edit-file "kw/animal/defsystem")

It contains a KB-SYSTEM and a KB-INIT-SYSTEM. Examine the components of each system (which can be source files or subsystems) using the System Browser which is available from the Editor via Esc X Describe System or File > Browse Parent System .

KB-SYSTEMs are reloaded when the rules are cleared. KB-INIT-SYSTEMs are reloaded when the object base is cleared.

Try this out by finding the KnowledgeWorks Listener and choosing Memory > Clear Objects and Rules . Then enter (load-system "ANIMAL") into the KnowledgeWorks Listener to reload the system animal. Both the files animal-rules and animal-objs are reloaded. Now choose Memory > Clear Objects and reload the animal system again and note how only the file animal-objs is reloaded.

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