Delivery User Guide

Version 7.1

This manual describes the Delivery system, used to transform your LispWorks programs into standalone application executables, dynamic libraries or iOS object files.



1 Introduction

2 A Short Delivery Example

3 Writing Code Suitable for Delivery

4 Delivering your Application

5 Keywords to the Delivery Function

6 Delivery on Mac OS X

7 Delivery on Microsoft Windows

8 Delivery on Linux, FreeBSD, AIX, x86/x64 Solaris and Unix

9 Delivering for mobile platforms

10 Delivery and Internal Systems

11 Troubleshooting

12 Interface to the Delivery Process

13 Example: Delivering CAPI Othello

14 Efficiency considerations when coding for delivery

15 Self-contained examples

16 Delivery Reference Entries


LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 10 Aug 2017