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15 Java interface

The LispWorks Java interface allows you to:

Calling into Java using the callers and accessing arrays does not require any specific Java code. Calling from Java into Lisp requires having the com.lispworks.LispCalls class (supplied as a JAR file), and using methods from it.

The Java interface is a module which needs to be loaded by calling

(require "java-interface")

The Java interface symbols are exported from the package LW-JI, documented in The LW-JI Package.

The Java interface requires Java edition 6 or later.

15.1 Types and conversion between Lisp and Java

15.2 Calling from Lisp to Java

15.3 Calling from Java to Lisp

15.4 Working with Java arrays

15.5 Initialization of the Java interface

15.6 Utilities and administration

15.7 Loading a LispWorks dynamic library into Java

15.8 CLOS partial integration

15.9 Java interface performance issues

LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual - 13 Feb 2015