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9 The Object Clipboard

The Object Clipboard is a utility that allows you to keep track of multiple Lisp objects as you examine and manipulate them with the LispWorks IDE tools.

Recall that a Lisp object which is viewed in some tool can be temporarily stored and then pasted into another tool. See the descriptions of the Copy , Cut and Paste commands in Using the Object operations with the clipboard and Operations available.

The Object Clipboard, and its associated Clip command provides a more powerful mechanism whereby multiple Lisp objects can be stored ("clipped") and later retrieved.

Note: the Clip command retains a pointer to the clipped object even if you do not have an Object Clipboard tool visible. When you create the tool, the clipped objects are visible in it

To create an Object Clipboard tool, choose Works > Tools > Object Clipboard or click in the Podium.

Figure 9.1 The Object Clipboard

The Object Clipboard creates a name for the clipped object based on its type, and shows the object itself in the Value column.

9.1 Placing objects on the Object Clipboard

9.2 Browsing clipped objects

9.3 Removing objects

9.4 Filtering

9.5 Using the Object Clipboard with a Listener

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