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5 Session Saving

You can save a LispWorks IDE session, which can be restarted at a later date. This allows you to resume work after restarting your computer.

This chapter describes what session saving does, and how you can configure and use it in the LispWorks IDE.

It is also possible to save a session programmatically, which is described in the LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual , but saving sessions is primarily intended for users of the LispWorks IDE.

Note: saving sessions uses save-image and therefore it is not available in LispWorks Personal Edition.

5.1 What session saving does

5.2 The default session

5.3 What is saved and what is not saved

5.4 Saving sessions

5.5 Redirecting images to a Saved Session image

5.6 Non-IDE interfaces and session saving

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