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29.3 Performing operations on windows

You can perform a number of operations on any windows selected in the Graph area using the commands in the Windows menu. If no items are selected in the Graph area, the commands in this menu apply to the root window of the graph.

The Windows menu gives you access to the standard actions commands described in Performing operations on selected objects.

29.3.1 Navigating the window hierarchy

Choose Windows > Browse Parent to display the parent of the current window. This takes you back up one level in the window hierarchy.

Choose Windows > Browse Screens to examine the parent window of the environment once again - this takes you back up to the root of the window hierarchy.

29.3.2 Window control

There are several commands which give you control over the current window.

Choose Windows > Lower to push the current window to the bottom of the pile of windows on-screen.

Choose Windows > Raise to bring the current window to the front of your screen.

Choose Windows > Quit to quit any windows selected in the graph.

Choose Windows > Destroy to destroy any windows which are selected in the graph. You are prompted before the windows are destroyed.


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