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28.10 Configuring the display

The System Browser allows you to configure the display so that it best suits your needs. The commands available for this are described below.

28.10.1 Sorting entries

Entries in the System Browser can be sorted in a number of ways. To change the sorting, choose Works > Tools > Preferences... or click to display the Preferences dialog, and then select System Browser in the list on the left side of the dialog. Click on the General tab to view the sorting options.

By Name

Sorts entries in the main area of the current view (the tree in the tree view and the Files area in the text view) according to the symbol name.

By Package

Sorts entries in the main area according to their package.


Leave entries in the main area unsorted. This is the default setting.

28.10.2 Displaying package information

As with other tools, you can configure the way package names are displayed in the System Browser, using the Package box. See Displaying packages for full details.

28.10.3 Display of the toolbar

You can control whether the System Browser displays the compile/load and history toolbars by the option Show Toolbar , as described in Toolbar configurations.

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