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17.3 Viewing the results

The results of a search are displayed in the main area of the tool, grouped by file. The file name, the number of matches in that file and the directory are shown. Select a file and expand it to see the line number and text of each line of that file that matches. You can configure the tool to expand the items as they are added as shown in Display.

When there are no matches to display, the Search Files tool displays a message which mentions the number of files searched.

17.3.1 Displaying in an Editor

Double-click on the filename to open an Editor tool showing that file and show the first match in that file. Similarly, double-click on the line number to show that line in the Editor. Items that have been edited are shown with a different icon. You can change an item to show as edited or not edited using the Mark Edited and Mark Not Edited commands on the context menu.

The Editor command Next Search Match can be used to move to the next item in the last Search Files tool that you used.

17.3.2 Linking to an Editor

You can arrange for an Editor tool to immediately display one of the search matches when you select it. To do this, choose Link to Editor from the context menu in the main area of the Search Files tool. To remove the link, choose Link to Editor from the context menu again.

Note: this is equivalent to using Edit > Link from > Search Files 1 in the Editor tool.

17.3.3 Filtering the results

Use the Filter area to restrict the displayed results by a plain string match or a regular expression match, as described in Filtering information.

The filter applies to the text in the match, not to the line number or file names.

17.3.4 Hiding certain results

When there are many results it can be useful to hide some which you know to be uninteresting. Select the lines you wish to hide, raise the context menu and choose Hide (or press the Delete key).

To restore hidden lines to the display, choose Unhide Others from the context menu.

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