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15.4 Configuring the function call browser

The Function Call Browser can be configured using the preferences dialog. Select Works > Tools > Preferences... or click to display the dialog, and select Function Call Browser in the list on the left side of the dialog which appears. This displays these options:

Figure 15.4 The function call browser preferences

15.4.1 Sorting entries

The functions displayed in each tab of the Function Call Browser can be sorted in a number of ways.

Choose By Name to sort entries according to the function name. This is the default setting.

Choose By Package to sort functions according to their package.

Choose Unsorted to leave functions unsorted.

15.4.2 Displaying package information

As with other tools, you can configure the way package names are displayed in the Function Call Browser.

Choose Show Package Names to turn on and off the display of package names in the Text , Called By , Calls Into and Description areas.

See Displaying packages for more information about using Show Package Names.

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