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15.1 Introduction

The Function Call Browser gives you a way to view a user-defined function in the Lisp image together with the functions that call it or the functions it calls.

It has three views.

To create a Function Call Browser, choose Works > Tools > Function Call Browser or click in the Podium. Alternatively, select a function in another tool, and choose Function Calls from the appropriate actions menu to browse the selected function in the Function Call Browser. Finally, in an editor executing Alt+X List Callers or Alt+X List Callees calls up a Function Call Browser on the current function.

Note: the cross references between function calls are generated by the compiler, hence you can use the Function Call Browser only for compiled code. Moreover, the compiler setting to generate cross references must be on when you compile your code. Switch it on by evaluating

(toggle-source-debugging t)

When cross referencing is on, this line appears in the output of the compiler:

;;; Cross referencing is on

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