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14.1 Starting the Code Coverage Browser

To start the tool choose Tools > Code Coverage Browser or click in the Podium. If the LispWorks image has internal code coverage data (that is, some files compiled with code coverage were loaded), the tool initially displays this data. You can load and display saved code coverage data by using Code Coverage > Load Data... . This menu command raises a file dialog, in which you need to select a file containing code coverage data, which was created by either hcl:save-current-code-coverage or hcl:save-code-coverage-data.

Note: the tool does not merge code coverage data. It displays the latest data that was selected.

The Code Coverage Browser retains a history of code coverage data that it has displayed. You can revisit these using the the and toolbar buttons or the History menu (see The history list). If you intend to do that be sure to give each code coverage data a useful name, so you can easily select the one that you want.

Figure 14.1 The Code Coverage Browser displaying internal data

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