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20 The Listener

The Listener is a tool that lets you evaluate Common Lisp expressions interactively and immediately see the results. It is useful for executing short pieces of Common Lisp, and extensive use is made of it in the examples given in this manual. This chapter describes all the facilities of the Listener.

20.1 The basic features of a Listener

20.2 Evaluating simple forms

20.3 Re-evaluating forms

20.4 The debugger prompt and debugger level

20.5 Interrupting evaluation

20.6 The History menu

20.7 The Expression menu

20.8 The Values menu

20.9 The Debug menu

20.10 Execute mode

20.11 Setting Listener preferences

20.12 Running Editor forms in the Listener

20.13 Switching to and from other tools

20.14 Help with editing in the Listener

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