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6.4 Editor source code

The section does not apply to LispWorks Personal Edition.

LispWorks comes with source code for the editor, which you can refer to when adding editor extensions.

6.4.1 Contents

The directory lib/7-0-0-0/src/editor/ contains most of the source files of the LispWorks editor. Some low-level source code is not distributed.

6.4.2 Source location

To enable location of editor definitions by Find Source and related commands, configure LispWorks as described under "Finding source code" in the LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual .

6.4.3 Guidelines for use of the editor source code

Some care is needed when working with the supplied editor source code, to ensure that you do not compromise the IDE or introduce a dependency on a particular release of LispWorks.

In particular please note:


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