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Lispworks Ltd's Common Lisp Object Request Broker (ORB ) supports the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA ® ) defined by Object Management Group ® , Inc. (OMG ).

The LispWorks ORB and supporting tools provide CORBA architecture functionality to Common Lisp programmers, combining standardized distributed system development with a state-of-the-art dynamic object-oriented language.


The CORBA components included in The LispWorks ORB are:

  1. Several fasls that are placed in the library directory, and which may be required into the image:
  2. corba-support

    The client side of the ORB runtime plus the IDL parser.


    The server side, the actual LispWorks ORB, which loads corba-support if it is not present.


    Graphical tools.


    Convenience module which simply requires corba-orb and corba-tools.

  3. Some example Common Lisp code including:
  4. (example-edit-file "corba/hello-world/") (example-edit-file "corba/bank/")
  5. This manual.


This manual is intended for use by application programmers who wish to build CORBA applications using Common Lisp. The guide assumes that the reader is familiar with both the Common Lisp programming language and with building distributed applications using CORBA.

Standards compliance

The LispWorks ORB conforms to the CORBA 2.0 specification with some elements of CORBA 2.2, most notably the Portable Object Adapter (POA).

Further reading

Many resources exist for those who want to learn about CORBA and distributed software development. The OMG maintains a great starting point for beginners at:

(This address may change.)

See also:

Instant CORBA by R. Orfali

Published by John Wiley & Sons, 1997

ISBN 0-471-18333-4

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Notation and conventions

This manual sometimes refers to example files in the LispWorks library via a Lisp form like this:

(example-edit-file "corba/hello-world/hello-world-client")

This examples is a Lisp source file in your LispWorks installation under lib/7-0-0-0/examples/. You can simply evaluate the given form to view the file.


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