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 (defun test-readtable-case-reading ()
   (let ((*readtable* (copy-readtable nil)))
     (format t "READTABLE-CASE  Input   Symbol-name~
     (dolist (readtable-case '(:upcase :downcase :preserve :invert))
       (setf (readtable-case *readtable*) readtable-case)
       (dolist (input '("ZEBRA" "Zebra" "zebra"))
         (format t "~&:~A~16T~A~24T~A"
                 (string-upcase readtable-case)
                 (symbol-name (read-from-string input)))))))

The output from (test-readtable-case-reading) should be as follows:

 READTABLE-CASE     Input Symbol-name
    :UPCASE         ZEBRA   ZEBRA
    :UPCASE         Zebra   ZEBRA
    :UPCASE         zebra   ZEBRA
    :DOWNCASE       ZEBRA   zebra
    :DOWNCASE       Zebra   zebra
    :DOWNCASE       zebra   zebra
    :PRESERVE       Zebra   Zebra
    :PRESERVE       zebra   zebra
    :INVERT         ZEBRA   zebra
    :INVERT         Zebra   Zebra
    :INVERT         zebra   ZEBRA

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