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9.3 Specifying the image for a toolbar button

There are several ways to supply the image for a toolbar button, including direct specification of an image object. The simplest approach is to use a symbol which is registered as an image identifier, including the pre-registered standard images, as in the preceding examples. For details of this and the other way to supply images, see toolbar-button.

You can, if desired, supply an alternative image which is displayed while the button is selected in a :multiple-selection component (see Advanced toolbar features), using the initarg selected-image .

9.3.1 Specifying images for a group of toolbar buttons

In a toolbar-component it is possible to specify images for the buttons by supplying an image-set as the default-image-set , along with integers in the images initarg specifying the index for the image of each button:

    :items '(1 2) :names '(1 2) :texts '("One" "Two")
    :images '(0 1)
     :image-count 5
      :transparent-color-index 7))))))

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