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20.1 Output pane examples

This section lists the example files illustrating input, drawing, scrolling, tooltips, dragging and images in an output-pane. These are also applicable to static-layout and pinboard-layout.

Processing input with the input-model :

(example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/input-model1") (example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/input-model") (example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/drawing") (example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/spirograph") (example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/input-model-touch")

Defining a command (that is, an alias to an input gesture):

(example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/commands")

Drawing to an output pane:

See the following section Graphics examples.

Temporary drawing on top of the normal drawing, for example when the user drags:

(example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/cached-display") (example-edit-file "capi/graphics/pinboard-test") (example-edit-file "capi/graphics/pixmap-port")

Simple scrolling without a scroll bar:

(example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/scrolling-without-bar")

Complex scrolling example:

(example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/scroll-test")

Using scroll-callback :

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/scrolling-test")

Displaying tooltips:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/pinboard-help")

Dragging from/to an output pane:

(example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/drag-and-drop")

Copying and pasting images in an output pane:

(example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/drawing")

Indicate selection of objects in response to mouse movement:

(example-edit-file "capi/graphics/highlight-rectangle")

Internal scrolling:

(example-edit-file "capi/output-panes/pane-can-scroll")

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