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23 LispWorks' Operating Environment

This chapter describes the interfaces which provide information about the environment in which LispWorks is running. This includes the operating system, the file system, the physical location of the LispWorks executable, and the arguments it was passed on startup.

23.1 The Operating System

23.2 Site Name

23.3 The Lisp Image

23.4 The Command Line

23.5 Address Space and Image Size

23.6 Startup relocation

23.7 Calling external programs

23.8 Snapshot debugging of startup errors

23.9 System message log

23.10 Exit status

23.11 Creating a new executable with code preloaded

23.12 Universal binaries on Mac OS X

23.13 User Preferences

23.14 Special locations in the file system

23.15 Accessing the Windows registry

23.16 Pathname comparison on Mac OS X

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