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5 The Programming Environment

The KnowledgeWorks programming environment is designed for the development of rules. KnowledgeWorks applications will typically contain a mixture of programming styles and so the LispWorks programming environment is available from the menus on the KnowledgeWorks Podium. This chapter deals with KnowledgeWorks specific tools but see the LispWorks IDE User Guide for more details on the LispWorks tools.

Figure 5.1 KnowledgeWorks Menu

All KnowledgeWorks windows can be closed independently of the others by choosing Window > Close Window . You can switch between windows by choosing Window > window-name.

5.1 The KnowledgeWorks Listener

5.2 The Editor

5.3 Clearing KnowledgeWorks

5.4 The System Browser

5.5 The Class Browser

5.6 The Objects Browser

5.7 The Rule Browser

5.8 Debugging with the Environment

5.9 Monitor Windows

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