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4.1 Online manuals in HTML format

A complete documentation set is provided with LispWorks in the form of HTML files. Asuming that you have installed the documentation, these files are in the directory which is the result of evaluating this form:

(sys:lispworks-dir "manual/online/")

The Help menu links directly to these HTML files, allowing you to go straight to the most relevant documentation for the current context.

No proprietary extensions to HTML have been used, so you can use any HTML browser to view the documents. The Help menu drives the following browsers: Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera.

4.1.1 Browsing manuals online

4.1.2 Searching the online manuals

4.1.3 Getting help on the current tool

4.1.4 Getting help on the current symbol

4.1.5 Getting help from the LispWorks website

4.1.6 Getting patches from the LispWorks website

4.1.7 Configuring the browser used

LispWorks IDE User Guide (Windows version) - 25 Nov 2011