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27.5.3 Description area

The Description area shows details about any system member selected in the Tree area. The following items of information are shown:


The name of the selected member. This is either the filename (if the member is a file of source code) or the system name (if the member is a subsystem).


The directory pathname of the selected member. This is the full pathname of the file, if the selected member is a file of source code, or the default directory of the system, if the selected member is a subsystem.


This lists any keyword flags which have been set for the selected member in the system definition, such as the :source-only flag.

To operate on any of the items displayed in this area, select them and choose a command from the Works > Description menu, which contains the standard actions described in Performing operations on selected objects. By making multiple selections, you can operate on as many of the items as you like.

LispWorks IDE User Guide (Windows version) - 25 Nov 2011