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26.2.2 Invoking the Stepper via a breakpoint

  1. Compile and load the code in the system demo defined in the LispWorks library file examples/tools/demo-defsys.lisp
  2. Open the file examples/tools/demo-utils.lisp in an Editor and set a breakpoint at the call to + as described in Setting breakpoints.
  3. Evaluate (my-useful-function 42) in a Listener.
  4. A Stepper tool appears, with the current stepping position at the breakpoint.
  5. Figure 26.3 Stepper invoked by reaching a breakpoint

  6. You can now step this code, just as in standalone mode.
  7. When you choose Debug > Stepper > Continue , or otherwise finish stepping, my-useful-function returns, the Stepper is hidden and the Listener tool becomes active again.

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