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21.11 Setting Listener preferences

To set options for the Listener tool choose Tools > Preferences... or click , and select Listener in the list on the left side of the Preferences dialog.

Figure 21.2 The Listener tab of the Listener Preferences

The Listener tab allows you to set the size of the stack used in the Listener's evaluation process. By default, this process has a stack of size determined by the value of the variable system:*sg-default-size* . If you find you are getting stack overflow errors in correct code that you enter at the Listener prompt, then increase the stack size. This setting takes effect for subsequently created Listener windows and LispWorks sessions.

The other configurable aspects of the Listener are shared with the Editor and other tools, including:

To alter these, raise the Preferences dialog, select Environment in the list on the left side, and choose the Emulation or Styles tab. See Setting preferences for a description of these options.

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