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16.5.2 Display

You can configure the display of search results using the Display view.

Figure 16.7 Setting Display Preferences

Choose a color to display the text of unedited lines that show a match in a file.

Choose a color to display the text of edited lines that show a match in a file.

Check Display a filter to display a box that can be used to restrict which results are displayed. This shown by default.

Check Expand items to list the matches as they are found to cause the items grouped under each file to be expanded while the search is running. The default is to leave them collapsed, allowing you to expand them yourself.

Under Files shown: you can choose how the name of each matching file is displayed in the main results area. The values are:

With separate filename and directory

Displays the filename at the start and the complete directory name at the end.

As complete names

Displays the full name of the file.

Relative to the search root

Displays the name of the file relative to the root directory specified in the search parameters.

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