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Search Files

Prompts for a search string and directory pattern and then performs a Plain Directory or Root and Patterns search. If an existing Search Files tool is reused by this command and was last doing a Root and Patterns search, then the directory pattern is split to fill the boxes. Otherwise, a Plain Directory search is performed using the directory pattern. If the directory pattern ends in a slash, then the default pattern is added to the end (see Search Parameters).

Search Files Matching Patterns

Prompts for a search string, root directory and set of filename patterns and then performs a Root and Patterns search.

Search System

Prompts for a search string and system name and then performs a System Search .


Prompts for command line arguments to pass to grep.exe and then performs a Grep search. The grep command is created from these arguments, with a -n option and the filename argument /dev/null as mentioned in Grep searches.

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