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13.12.3 Replacing text

You can search for text and replace it with other text using the Edit > Replace... menu item. Type a string to search for and a string to replace it with in the Replace dialog that appears, and click Find Next . The cursor is placed immediately after the next occurrence in the current buffer of the string you specified. To replace this occurrence and locate the next one, click Replace . To leave this occurrence as it is and locate the next one, click Find Next . Note that this type of searching is not incremental.

For instance, assume you wanted to replace every occurrence of "equal" to "equalp".

  1. Choose Edit > Replace... .
  2. The Replace dialog appears.

  3. Type equal in the Find what box:
  4. Type equalp in the Replace with box and click Find Next .

The search will stop at every occurrence of "equal" after the current cursor position:

Note: Both Edit > Find... and Edit > Replace... start searching from the current position in the buffer. When the end of the buffer is reached, you are asked whether to start again at the beginning. To start from the top of the buffer initially, check the From Top option before searching.

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