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13.5.1 Setting the reference point for changed definitions

The Changed Definitions view has an additional area labelled Show definitions changed since: . This allows you to change the reference point against which the current buffer is compared when computing the changes.

The reference point can be:

First Edit

The state of the buffer just before you first edited it in the current LispWorks session. This is the initial reference point.

Last Save

The state of the buffer when you last saved it to file

Last Compile

The state of the buffer when you last compiled it.

Select from the Show definitions changed since: popup list to change the reference point.

Figure 13.7 Setting the reference point in the Changed Definitions view.

When you alter the reference point, the list of changed definitions is recomputed.

The list of changed definitions is computed using the editor command Buffer Changed Definitions . See the Editor User Guide for more information about this and related commands.

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