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11.7.1 Source location, documentation, inspect and method combination for the current frame

Choose Debug > Frame > Find Source to search for the source code definition of the object pointed to by the current frame. If it is found, the file is displayed in the Editor: the cursor is placed at the start of the definition or at the subform which cause the error, if known. The form is highlighted. See The Editor for an introduction to the Editor.

Choose Debug > Frame > Documentation to display the Common Lisp documentation for the object pointed to by the current frame, if any exists. Note that this is the result of the Common Lisp function documentation , not the supplied manuals. It is printed in a special Output Browser window.

Choose Debug > Frame > Inspect Function to display an Inspector tool showing the selected frame's function.

Choose Debug > Frame > Method Combination to display a Generic Function Browser tool in the Method Combinations view for the arguments in the selected frame. This command is only available when the selected frame is a call to a standard method. See Examining information about combined methods for information about using the Method Combinations view.

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