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8.1.2 Examining inherited slots

By default, inherited slots (those slots which are defined in a superclass of the current class, rather than the current class itself) are listed in the Slots area along with the slots defined in the current class. Deselect the Include Inherited Slots button just above the Filter box to inhibit this listing.

  1. While still examining the capi:push-button-panel class, click Include Inherited Slots to deselect this option.
  2. No slots are displayed in the Slots area. This is because all the slots available to the capi:push-button-panel class are inherited from its superclasses. No slots are defined explicitly on the capi:push-button-panel class.

  3. Select Include Inherited Slots again, and then select a few slots in the Slot area in turn.

Notice that the slot description for each slot tells you which superclass the slot is defined on.

LispWorks IDE User Guide (Windows version) - 25 Nov 2011