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2.6 Basic editing commands

This section contains just enough information to allow you to load a file into the editor, edit that file as required, and then save that file. It is designed to give you enough information to get by and no more.

Only the default bindings are provided. The commands introduced are grouped together as they are in the more detailed command references and under the same headings (except for Killing and Yanking). For further information on the commands described below and other related commands, see the relevant sections in Command Reference.

2.6.1 Aborting commands and processes

2.6.2 File handling

2.6.3 Inserting text

2.6.4 Movement

2.6.5 Deleting and killing text

2.6.6 Undoing

2.6.7 Killing and Yanking

2.6.8 Help

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