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4 Editing Lisp Programs

There are a whole set of editor commands designed to facilitate editing of Lisp programs. These commands are designed to understand the syntax of the Lisp language and therefore allow movement over Lisp constructs, indentation of code, operations on parentheses and definition searching. Lisp code can also be evaluated and compiled directly from the editor.

To use some of these commands the current buffer should be in Lisp mode. For more information about editor modes, see Modes.

Commands are grouped according to functionality as follows:

4.1 Automatic entry into lisp mode

4.2 Syntax coloring

4.3 Functions and definitions

4.4 Forms

4.5 Lists


4.7 Parentheses

4.8 Documentation

4.9 Evaluation and compilation

4.10 Breakpoints

4.11 Removing definitions

LispWorks Editor User Guide (Macintosh version) - 3 May 2011