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6 Advanced Features

The editor can be customized, both interactively and programmatically, to suit the users requirements.

The chapter Command Reference provides details of commands used to customize the editor for the duration of an editing session (see Keyboard macros, Key bindings, Editor variables). This chapter contains information on customizing the editor on a permanent basis.

There are a number of ways in which the editor may be customized:

Note that the default configuration files mentioned in this chapter were used when LispWorks was released. They are not read in when the system is run, so any modification to them will have no effect. If the user wishes to modify the behavior of LispWorks in any of these areas, the modifying code should be included in the .lispworks file, or an image containing the modifications should be saved.

6.1 Customizing default key bindings

6.2 Customizing Lisp indentation

6.3 Programming the editor

6.4 Editor source code

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