LispWorks® for the Windows® Operating System
CAPI User Guide

Version 6.1

The following document provides a description of the main features of the Common Application Programmer's Interface (CAPI) through the use of tutorial-style examples, and provides an overview of the Graphics Ports and Color functionality.




1 Introduction to the CAPI

2 Getting Started

3 Creating Common Windows

4 General Considerations

5 Host Window System Configuration

6 Choices

7 Laying Out CAPI Panes

8 Modifying CAPI Windows

9 Creating Menus

10 Defining Interface Classes

11 Prompting for Input

12 Creating Your Own Panes

13 Graphics Ports

14 The Color System

15 Printing from the CAPI--the Hardcopy API

16 Drag and Drop


CAPI User Guide (Windows version) - 30 Aug 2011