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15 Printing from the CAPI--the Hardcopy API

The CAPI hardcopy API is a mechanism for printing a Graphics Port (and hence a CAPI output-pane ) to a printer. It is arranged in a hierarchy of concepts: printers, print jobs, pagination and outputting.

Printers correspond to the hardware accessible to the OS. Print jobs control connection to a printer and any printer-specific initialization. Pagination controls the number of pages and which output appears on which page. Outputting is the operation of drawing to a page. This is accomplished using the standard Graphics Ports drawing functions and is not discussed here.

15.1 Printers

15.2 Printer definition files

15.3 PPD files

15.4 Print jobs

15.5 Handling pages--page on demand printing

15.6 Handling pages--page sequential printing

15.7 Printing a page

15.8 Other printing functions

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