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Specifies where to look for printer definition files.



Initial value

("~/.lispworks-printers/" nil)


The variable *printer-search-path* specifies where to look for printer definition files.

This applies only on GTK+ and Motif.

The value is a list containing directory pathname designators specifying where to look for printer definition files. The list can also include the value nil , which is interpreted as the printers directory in the LispWorks library.

To find known printers the system loads all files in these directories. If there are duplicate printer definitions, the printer in the first directory takes precedence.

The default path is useful when printing from the Common LispWorks IDE, but applications that want to allow users to use printers should set the list appropriately.

The first path in the *printer-search-path* list is regarded as the "local" path. New printers are saved in this path. When the user edits a printer that was found in another directory on *printer-search-path* and then tries to save it, the system prompts for whether to overwrite the original or save it in the "local" directory.

The printer files can be copied to other directories, on the same machine, and hence to install printers in different directories.

A printer file can be copied to other machines, provided the printer is installed on the other machine and the PPD file is available in the same path.

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