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3.7 Marks and regions

The first part of this section gives details of commands associated with marking, while the second provides details of a few commands whose area is limited to a region. Other region specific commands are available but are dealt with in more appropriate sections of this manual. For example, Write Region is dealt with under the File handling as it involves writing a region to a file.

Details of marks are kept in a mark ring so that previously defined marks can be accessed. The mark ring works like a stack, in that marks are pushed onto the ring and can only be popped off on a "last in first out" basis. Each buffer has its own mark ring.

Note that marks may also be set by using the mouse--see Buffers, windows and the mouse--but also note that a region must be defined either by using the mouse or by using editor key sequences, as the region may become unset if a combination of the two is used. For example, using Ctrl+Space to set a mark and then using the mouse to go to the start of the required region unsets the mark.

3.7.1 Marks

3.7.2 Regions

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