LispWorks Delivery User Guide


5 Keywords to the Delivery Function

This chapter describes the keywords to the delivery function, deliver .

The keyword descriptions are given in alphabetical order. Before the alphabetical section, there is a topic-based list of keyword names which should be of value if you are looking for a keyword to perform a particular task for you, but do not know what it is called or do not know if it exists.

The list of keywords can be printed by calling deliver-keywords, which is documented in User interface to the delivery process.

Note: Delivery is designed to work well with a small number of delivery keywords only. Start attempting delivery by passing no keywords, or :interface :capi , or :multiprocessing t , as required. Only add other keywords when you find that you need them. If you are passing more than 6 delivery keywords, please contact Lisp Support with details.

Caution: Many keywords interact with one another, causing apparent values to change. It is a good idea to check how keywords interact and also what happens to their defaults at the different delivery levels. In the descriptions of the default values of deliver keywords in Alphabetical list of deliver keywords, the level appears as the symbol *delivery-level* .

5.1 Topic-based list of deliver keywords

5.2 Alphabetical list of deliver keywords

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