LispWorks Delivery User Guide > 12 Delivering CAPI Othello


12.1 Preparing for delivery

With our ready-written application we can move straight to delivery. But first, try the application out in an ordinary image so that you can see what it does.

To do this:

  1. Create a directory called othello and copy the example file into it.
  2. Start up LispWorks and its environment.
  3. Compile and load the example file.
  4. CL-USER 1 > (compile-file "othello.lisp" :load t)
    [compilation messages elided]
  5. Start up the application with the following form:
  6. CL-USER 2 > (play-othello)
  7. Play Othello!

Once you are familiar with this implementation of Othello, you can move on to delivery preparations.

12.1.1 Writing a delivery script

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