LispWorks Delivery User Guide > 10 Troubleshooting


10.7 Possible explanations for a frozen image

The image may die or hang up without issuing any useful message, either at runtime or possibly during delivery. Some possible remedies follow:

If things work after this, try the same level, but override the changed keywords one by one.

For example:

(deliver 'application-entry 
            :packages-to-keep '("LISPWORKS"))

The COMMON-LISP package normally should not be deleted or smashed, so it is unlikely to cause problems , but LISPWORKS and the packages defined in the application itself are worth investigating.

If this gets the image working again, try to find out why the package is required and see if you can eliminate this need. See Symbol and package issues during delivery for more information on keeping and throwing away packages.

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 22 Dec 2009