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1.5.3 Unprotected runtime applications on UNIX

This section applies only to LispWorks for UNIX only (not LispWorks for Linux, FreeBSD, or x86/x64 Solaris).

It is possible to remove all keyfile protection from the delivered application by specifying :product-code :none . If you do this, a check is made during the delivery process to ensure that you have in addition to a LispWorks Delivery key, a key for LispWorks Delivery PLUS. If you do not have this key then your image will exit immediately when the check fails. Therefore you should only specify :none as your product code if you have made a prior arrangement with Lisp Support to do so.

You may wish to make your own security arrangements or you may choose to leave the runtime image totally unprotected. Although an unprotected runtime application will not require any keys (even for any layered products which were loaded into it before delivery), it may still be subject to time-expiration.

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 22 Dec 2009