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9.1.4 Compression of CLOS metaobjects

To reduce the size of the delivered image, the delivery process compresses the representation of CLOS metaobjects (classes, generic functions and methods). This includes:

  1. nullifying the class direct slots of the class.
  2. Changing the effective slots to a function that is used in the initialization of the instance. This is controlled by :metaclasses-to-keep-effective-slots and :classes-to-keep-effective-slots .
  3. Compressing the representation of method objects. This is controlled by : keep-clos . If :keep-clos is t , the representation of method objects is not compressed. There is also no compression if you add a method to method-qualifiers , method-specializers or method-function .
  4. Compressing the representation of generic functions. This is not done if :keep-clos is t , or if you add methods to any of the accessors of generic functions.

LispWorks Delivery User Guide - 22 Dec 2009