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1.4 A breakdown of the delivery process

The process of developing and delivering a LispWorks application can typically be broken down as follows:

  1. Develop and fully compile your application.
  2. Load the application into the LispWorks image and deliver a standalone image.
  3. If the delivered version of the image is broken, go back to step 2 and adjust the delivery parameters.
  4. If performance problems remain, go back to step 1 and refine your code.

1.4.1 Developing your application

1.4.2 Managing and compiling your application

1.4.3 Debugging, profiling and tuning facilities

1.4.4 Delivering your compiled application

1.4.5 Licensing issues

1.4.6 Modules

1.4.7 Error handling

1.4.8 Troubleshooting

1.4.9 Examples

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