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7.8 Specifying the host name in IORs

When an IOR is made by the LispWorks ORB, it contains a host name that will be used by the client to contact the ORB. By default, this name is generated by calling the C function gethostbyname() with the result of calling (machine-instance) , which is often the FQDN of the machine.

If this is not sufficient, you can control the name that is placed in IORs by using the -IIOPhost and -IIOPnumeric ORB initialization options.

When you supply -IIOPhost name , then name specifies the host name directly. Otherwise, if you supply -IIOPnumeric , then the name is the numeric IP address obtained by reverse lookup of the result of (machine-instance) .

You can supply ORB initialization options on the LispWorks command line or in the call to op:orb_init .

For example, on the command line:

lispworks-corba-server -IIOPnumeric
lispworks-corba-server -IIOPhost
lispworks-corba-server -IIOPhost

For example, during ORB initialization:

(op:orb_init :lispworks-orb '("-IIOPnumeric"))
(op:orb_init :lispworks-orb '("-IIOPhost" ""))
(op:orb_init :lispworks-orb
             '("-IIOPhost" ""))

The ORB initargs -ORBhost and -ORBnumeric are aliases for -IIOPhost and -IIOPnumeric respectively.

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