Developing Component Software with CORBA > 7 The LispWorks ORB > 7.3 Configuring a name service and an interface repository


7.3.2 Persistent configuration

The function corba:set-pluggable-module-details can be used for this purpose. For example,

(corba:set-pluggable-module-details "InterfaceRepository"
       :ior-string "IOR:000000000000002149444c...")
(corba:set-pluggable-module-details "NameService" 
       :ior-string "IOR:000000000000002149444c...")

would direct the ORB to use the given IOR-described CORBA object as an interface repository or name service, respectively. Values set in this manner are persistent. The code

(corba:get-pluggable-module-details orb "InterfaceRepository" 

returns a list of two values. The first is the object reference of the given service if it is contactable (nil if it is not). The second is the value that has been set using corba:set-pluggable-module-details . Note the the standardized function op:resolve_initial_references should be used in application code to obtain the reference, not corba:get-pluggable-module-details .

Type information corresponding to IDL parsed by the IDL compiler is not added to the interface repository until the information is needed in response to a call to op:get_interface from a client.

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