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1.2 About the LispWorks ORB

Lispworks Ltd has written a CORBA-compliant, native-IIOP ORB in Common Lisp.

The LispWorks ORB will let you build and run distributed applications in Common Lisp, straight out of the box. When combined with a database interface, you are able to build three-tier, client-server applications completely in Common Lisp.

However, the raison d'etre of CORBA is interoperability. Hence, the choice of IIOP provides immediate interoperation with any other ORB you may be using. For example, given a Java ORB you could write GUI clients in AWT that communicate with servers written in Common Lisp. Conversely, given a C++ ORB you can build CAPI clients that talk to C++ servers.

The advantages of building an ORB in Common Lisp (apart from proving that Common Lisp can tackle another complex domain) are:

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