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2.1 A CORBA-based Hello World

This chapter's example is an implementation of the standard Hello World application, using Common Lisp and CORBA. In this version of Hello World, a client application asks a server application for a string. When the client receives the string, it prints it to the standard output, and then exits.

We will take these basic steps to create the application:

  1. Define the interface.
  2. We define the interface to the server using OMG's Interface Definition Language (IDL).

  3. Implement the client.
  4. Implement the server.
  5. Build and test the application.

The complete Hello World application can be found in the examples/corba/hello-world folder. (For instance, in a default LispWorks 6.0 installation on Microsoft Windows, the location is C:\Program Files\LispWorks\lib\6-0-0-0\examples\corba\hello-world .)

2.1.1 Defining the interface

2.1.2 Generating the stub and skeleton code from IDL

2.1.3 Defining utilities for sharing an object reference

2.1.4 Implementing the client

2.1.5 Implementing the server

2.1.6 Building and testing the application

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